Putahracsa Hua Hin: Two days in paradise

This one’s a bit of a flashback to a couple of weeks ago when me and Jeyn were lucky enough to experience the absolute luxury of two days in the Putahracsa resort in Hua Hin.


Hua Hin is a seaside city, built along the coast line two hours south of Bangkok. It was originally used as a beach getaway by the Thai royal family, who built summer palaces there in the 1920’s.


We could only (barely) afford to stay at Putahracsa for two nights, to celebrate our one-year anniversary. A small milestone by some standards but a special one for us. We’re very much in love and it’s been a meaningful year. We wanted to do something special. And while we spent a small fortune for the experience, it’s something we probably wouldn’t ever be able to afford back in Australia. So we threw common sense to the wind and now we have some beautiful memories that I’m sure we’ll cherish for the rest of our lives.



We booked an Oceanbed Suite which came with it’s own personal spa. The bed was king sized and was probably the most comfortable thing I’ve ever slept on. We had our own loungeroom area, an extensive mini-bar and a coffee machine, an en-suite walk-in wardrobe, a private outside Jacuzzi and a private balcony with a plush day-bed couch.















We were offered a choice of three different body lotion sets when we arrived and there was a personalised “happy anniversary” cake waiting for us on the bed.



The suites were set in a beautifully landscaped complex that included grassy walkways and a pristine infinity pool.





The restaurant was right on the waterfront and our room price included all you could eat a la carte breakfast. I’m a huge fan of breakfast food, so this was one of the best things I’ve ever experienced. Basically it was the same as going to a fancy breakfast cafe, except the menu had no prices. You just ordered what you wanted, as much as you  liked and they made it for you and the cost was all included. I was in heaven. The lunch and dinner food at the restaurant was also fantastic.





The best part of Putahracsa though was the service. I don’t know if this is just par for the course for five star resorts, but all the staff were incredibly friendly and everyone went above and beyond to make our stay really memorable. We made quite a few annoying requests at the restaurant for changing our food, turning the crab risotto into an asparagus risotto for example, and the response was always “certainly, no problem at all”. We had little pastries left for us randomly in our room and sometimes people would just knock on our door to give us freshly squeezed juice without us asking. Absolutely all the staff were amazing but I’d like to give a special shout-out to Simon from the outside bar area and Lek and Pang from the hotel area who all gave us incredible service.

When we first arrived in Thailand, while chatting to our taxi driver on the way from the airport to the hotel, I asked him if he’d ever been to Australia. He laughed out loud and said “no, I have to work”. He went on to tell us about some of the challenges of being a taxi driver, of supporting his family. He asked us how much we earned. Even our minimum wage jobs in Australia provided us with far more wealth than he could dream of.

My point here is that being in Thailand has definitely made me realise how lucky me and Jeyn are, both to be going on such a long and exciting holiday to another country and also just to live in the country we live in, with the privilege that we have. And this privilege was no more apparent than when we stayed at Putahracsa. We were so, incredibly, lucky to  be able to enjoy that luxury. I know the majority of people in Thailand and, statistically speaking, in the world, will never be able to afford it. We don’t deserve it more than anyone else, we didn’t really earn it – by which I mean we don’t work any harder than our taxi driver in Bangkok – we’re just lucky.

I’m writing this from flooded Koh Tao, where it’s still raining, and has been for a week straight. We’ve spent most of our money now, so  it’s back to frugal living for us. But I’ll always remember the two days in Thailand where Jeyn and I stepped into some alternate dream reality, and lived – briefly – in paradise.






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