Koh Tao Floods: Update

It’s two days after heavy rain caused flooding in Koh Tao and throughout southern Thailand and the water level has dropped significantly, but there’s still a lot of recovery work to be done, and it’s still very wet.

Koh Tao Floods, garbage bags and sand washed up on the doorstep of Farango Pizza restaurant

The extensive flooding in the South of Thailand has left eight people dead and affected at least 120,000 households. Thailand’s wet season usually ends in November. The current rains are unseasonal and rare. Yesterday, the Thai Prime Minister visited affected areas.

Today we headed out to visit some of the places in Koh Tao that we photographed in our previous blog post, to show the drop in flood level. While there’s still a bit of water on the roads, there’s definitely been an improvement since Thursday:

Koh Tao, Thailand, Floods

Koh Tao, Thailand, Floods

Koh Tao, Thailand, Floods

Koh Tao, Thailand, Floods

We lost electricity for about ten hours yesterday but it’s been back on and working fine ever since. There hasn’t been any deaths or serious injuries that we’ve been aware of around Koh Tao, although that’s purely based on what we’ve seen and heard online. Most people in the area where we’re staying – the popular tourist strip of Sairee Beach – are in good spirits. Business is booming in the bars and restaurants. Not so much in the surf shops.

We were hoping to get some sunny weather near the end of our stay here but that doesn’t seem likely any more with the weather report extending our the wet weather further and further each time we update it.

Koh Tao Weather

There are earth movers working non stop to spread huge piles of sand evenly across the flood deluged roads. Some traffic is now able to get through what was completely impassable on Thursday. There is still a good foot of water on quite a few of the roads though.

Koh Tao, Thailand, FloodsKoh Tao, Thailand, FloodsKoh Tao, Thailand, FloodsKoh Tao, Thailand, Floods

The trusty local Sairee Beach 7/11 is doing it’s best to keep up with demand. But it’s shelves are starting to look bare. Our hotel lady told us that supplies to the island had been disrupted due to the extreme weather. So it’s possible that some businesses might soon run out of stock.

7/11, Koh Tao, Thailand, Floods7/11, Koh Tao, Thailand, Floods7/11, Koh Tao, Thailand, Floods7/11, Koh Tao, Thailand, Floods

If anyone reading this is planning a weekend getaway to the islands anytime in the near future, I’d recommend putting it off for a week or so, until the weather improves and local business has had a chance to recover.


4 thoughts on “Koh Tao Floods: Update

  1. Hey Jazz & Jeyn,

    Just stumbled across your blog – glad to see you are safe!

    Me and my girlfriend are heading over to
    Ko Tao on Friday 13th – do you think it’s worth looking at postponing?




    1. The weather forecast says it’ll be mostly sunny, with only a 10-20% chance of rain from Friday 13th til Sunday 15th, but then raining again aftet that. So it would probably be fine if you were just staying the weekend. The flooding’s basically finished, the power’s on and most shops are open.


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